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API restrictions


It is important to know the endpoint has some restrictions in order to protect the system and make it more efficient.

  • A maximum of 150 requests per minute is allowed. If the limit is reached, the system will only allow new requests after a minute of not requesting anything. In other words, requesting anything during that minute will reset the counter.
  • A maximum of 30 element paths can be requested at the same time.
  • For filtering:
    • The only available path values for filters are:
      • key
      • installKey
      • assetBasicInfo.description
      • assetBasicInfo.domain
      • assetBasicInfo.firstSeen
      • assetBasicInfo.ipAddress
      • assetBasicInfo.lastSeen
      • assetBasicInfo.mac
      • assetBasicInfo.type
      • assetBasicInfo.userName
      • assetCustom.dnsName
      • assetCustom.manufacturer
      • assetCustom.model
      • assetCustom.purchaseDate
      • assetCustom.serialNumber
      • assetCustom.stateName
      • assetCustom.warrantyDate
    • There is a limit of 100 filters (conditions) that can be applied at the same time.
  • Only one bulk export can be running at once. You need to wait for a running export to finish to request another one.
  • 2000 synchronous requests can be performed per hour.
  • 100 bulk export requests can be performed per hour.
  • 2000 webhooks can be notified per hour.
  • If you use the total parameter in a query without specifying the FIRST field for pagination, an error will occur. The total parameter requires the FIRST field to be defined. If the total parameter is specified, you cannot use the PREV, NEXT, or LAST pagination fields.

If the usage of the API exceeds the indicated limitation, Lansweeper tries to keep responding based on the available resources.