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Lansweeper’s Platform API empowers you to develop tailored software solutions or features for your customers by leveraging the diverse data and insights provided by Lansweeper.

Your end-users benefit from these functionalities within your own software, with no indication of Lansweeper's involvement. The Platform API seamlessly integrates into your existing offering, ensuring that your customers experience the added value as an inherent part of your software rather than a separate integration with Lansweeper.

It’s important to note that the Platform API is not suitable for you if your customers already have a Lansweeper installation. Instead, the Platform API is intended to support those who want to own the Lansweeper installation process completely, meaning you will have to manage the agent installation process and the data those agents collect.


If you’d prefer to create an integration with Lansweeper, so that your customer would require a subscription for Lansweeper, use the Data API instead.

In this documentation, you’ll learn about the most common use cases, the basics of the main interaction flow between you and Lansweeper, and how to get onboarded with the Platform API. Once you’ve completed the onboarding instructions, you can build your custom solution using Lansweeper’s Platform API.