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Fing (a Lansweeper company) has developed advanced AI-driven algorithms for recognizing connected devices by brand, make, model, and operating system through network protocol analysis. Additionally, Fing offers top-tier tools for network scanning. By interacting with our Device Recognition API, developers can leverage Lansweeper’s proprietary machine-learning expertise and unparalleled device identification capabilities, seamlessly integrating these features into third-party applications.

This documentation provides detailed examples of how to use our Device Recognition API and explains how to access our comprehensive suite of tools. Beyond device recognition, our suite offers access to a catalog of valuable information, software normalization, and vulnerability assessments (currently in beta).

How it works

Fing’s proprietary technology harnesses an ever-expanding, crowdsourced knowledge base to interpret various discovery protocols, including Bonjour (Multicast-DNS) queries, UPnP queries, SNMP requests, DHCP monitoring, and NetBIOS queries. Lansweeper’s Device Recognition technology analyzes these protocols to provide the best match data for each device. Fing’s catalog includes over 100 types of devices, from tablets to surveillance cameras, categorized into eight groups: mobile, entertainment, home & office, network, server, home automation, surveillance, and engineering. Additionally, Fing provides comprehensive network details and analysis for each protocol in JSON text format.