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Lansweeper's Data API enables you to programmatically interact with Lansweeper Sites, providing quick and easy access to Lansweeper's discovered IT, OT, and Cloud asset data.

Consider using the Data API if you need to integrate Lansweeper with your product via corresponding APIs, allowing you to import asset data and enhance your product's functionalities. Note that users will require licenses for both Lansweeper and your product. They must also install and configure the integration as detailed in the marketplace or documentation.

The Data API is also ideal for anyone looking to leverage the API for their own internal processes or systems.


If you'd prefer to embed Lansweeper data within your own product without your customer requiring a separate Lansweeper subscription, consider using the Platform API.

This documentation explains how to set up the connection for API interaction, detailing available requests, sample code, and instructions to access Lansweeper's discovered asset data.